How To Make Money Without a Job

“How can I make money without a job?” – That was a question I Googled in September of 2015, my freshman year of college.

I didn’t have a car, didn’t have any working experience, and was running down my high school savings as I adjusted to college life. I wanted to know how I could make money without a job, quick and fast, so that I’d stop seeing my savings account dwindle before my eyes every weekend. Sticking to a strict budget of $25/week (that’s the amount of money my parents, thankfully, were still giving me as an allowance my freshman year) just wasn’t working. First off, I know many students don’t have the privilege of getting money from their parents to offput college costs, and for that I’m greatful. I can empathsize even more with how much financial stress and pressure college students can be under when they aren’t receiving financial help, because I know that even when I was receiving some money from my parents, it was easy to spend it all away on late-night coffees in the library and dinner with friends at restaurants near the dorm.

It’s a huge adjustment, learning to take care of your finances yourself. So, when I googled how to make money without a job, it wasn’t because I did not want a job, but it was because I felt a pressure to get started immediately to make more money than my $25/week from my parents.

What started out as a simple and ridiculous-sounding Google, led to the start of my financial journey in investing. One of the first results that popped up on my search was how to get started with investing. Investing? Isn’t that what rich old people did?!?

As I read about all the different ways to get started, apps to use, and the “hottests stocks to get into right now,” I realized that investing wasn’t just for 50 year olds looking to set up their retirement account, but it was for anyone wanting to make the most out of their money. It was about making your money work *for* you, not just working *for* money.

So, I figured I’d give it a shot. Heck, if I can grow my $5 to $8 in a few months, that’s better than nothing! I downloaded Robinhood (I know, I know – there are many pros and cons about Robinhood, but as I said before, better to get it done than to be perfect) and set up my account. I don’t remember exactly what I bought first, or how much money I put in, but I remember I didn’t put in much – I was still skeptical after all. But I got started, and that’s what mattered.

Over the months, as I saw positive returns on my investments, I started putting more money into my Robinhood account and spending more time researching stocks, ETFs and index funds (all foreign concepts to me). Thankfully, I must have been doing something right, becuase I started seeing my account value grow more and more as my stock investments grew. Every once in a while I’d do some “pruning” and dump a stock that went negative, or moved the money into a stock that was growing faster.

I was making money without a job. Not a lot – but something! By taking that first step to get involved in investing, I have been able to learn so much over the years about stock investing, financial literacy, and financial independence.

I’m no millionaire, barely a thousand-aire, but that’s okay, I’m young and just getting started. That’s what matters. Getting started wherever you are.

So, let’s start exploring options to get started – how to make money, regardless of if you have a job or not, in investments!

Let’s start making those money moves!!

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Passionate about personal finance and helping people take control of their finances.

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