Introducing The Financial Freshman!

Hey Freshies (that’s you)!

What started out as an idea a few years ago, and a never-published blog that was lost in the wind, has now materialized.

My name is Grace Montgomery, and I pride myself in being the de-facto financial consultant for my friends and family (please note I am not certified, and none of my content should be taken as official investment advice). I told my siblings to download Robinhood (before it was a “thing” – and way before the Great Gamestop-Robinhood Scandal), and first started investing in cryptos in June of 2017 (way behind the curve for some, way ahead of others). I like educating my friends and family about financial literacy, the power of compound interest, and how to get started investing – it seems so scary at first! No one teaches us about investing in high school!

That’s why I’m here to share my passion: financial literacy. Teaching you how to take the reigns on your financial future. Whether you’re a high school or college student, a young adult getting started in the business world, or an older individual finally dipping their toes in the water of investing, we are all freshman in the world of finance. There is so much to learn!

So welcome, financial freshman. Let me know what your burning financial questions, queries, and fears are and I’ll try to lead you on the right path for financial success. I am no expert, I am a 25 year old young professional, but I’m hear to learn and grow (my bank account) with you!

Let the adventure begin!

Published by Grace

Passionate about personal finance and helping people take control of their finances.

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