Better Done than Perfect!

“It’s better done than perfect!” Those wise words, from financial blogger HerFirst100k, finally kicked my butt into gear to get this blog published. It’s been on my mind for years now, ever since I first started investing in my freshman year of college.

So, while this blog is sure to go through changes and mutations, it’s better to start somewhere than to keep putting it off. SAME GOES FOR YOUR FINANCES! It’s better to start saving, investing, budgeting *somewhere* than to keep putting it off! Don’t wait for that next pay raise, that new career path, or the next check to get started on your financial journey. Just get started – even if there’s $0.00 in your bank account, take the first step at gaining control of your financial life and sketch out a general budget for the month. Expenses on one side, earnings on another. Even if it’s just on a napkin from your morning coffee run! Visualizing and writing down how much money you have coming in and out is the first step to getting a handle on your finances.

So that’s my first challenge, freshies – make yourselves a budget! Stick it to a wall in your office, bedroom, refrigerator and let the budget sink in. The more you reflect on what your expenses are versus how much you’re earning, the more space your give your mind to map out your financial future. The first step can be the hardest, but let’s take it together!

Let me know if you have any favorite templates, styles, or websites you use for creating and/or tracking your monthly budget!

Published by Grace

Passionate about personal finance and helping people take control of their finances.

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